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pulp-industry-v2.jpgIL 50 models are very easy to use and offer an economical choice for QC testing of moisture in many types of samples. They dry samples at one standard heating rate. The IL 50 models come with a carrying case and test weight for calibration.

For samples that require more control over the heating profile, the MLS 65-3A offers four different drying profiles: Standard, Rapid, Gentle, and Step. Step and Rapid drying profiles are well suited to samples with high moisture content.  In these modes the bulk of the moisture is removed quickly, shortening the analysis time. Step drying may be necessary for samples with more than one type of moisture, such as surface moisture and bound moisture. Gentle drying is preferred for substances that may decompose upon initial exposure to full heating or for samples that form a skin.  For accurate testing of a broad range of different product types, the MLS 65-3A is an excellent choice.

For testing samples with < 0.5% moisture, see our more sensitive models.




Model Readout  Capacity Temp Range

IL 50.01
For QC of samples with >1% moisture, Easy to use, Carrying case

0.01 g/0.1%  50g 50-180°C 

IL 50.001
Easy moisture analysis for first time users, Carrying case, Calibration weight

0.001g/0.01% 50g 50-180°C

MLS 65-3A
For broad range of sample types, Accurate, 4 drying profiles, Stores 49 drying programs

0.001g/0.01%  65g 50-160°C

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