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Vaccine Refrigerators


When and Why you Need a Vaccine Refrigerator

Vaccine RefrigeratorFrequent reports recount how improper vaccine storage and other mishaps result in loss of vaccine potency. These losses in vaccine potency necessitate locating and revaccinating patients who received compromised inoculations plus the associated expense and inconvenience.

An example is a February 2019 USA Today article headlined "Vaccines are sometimes stored improperly, reducing their effectiveness" by Carmen Heredia Rodriguez of Kaiser Health News. The article related to temperature control incidents in California and Indiana.

An earlier article published by the National Vaccine Information Center, "Bad Batches: The Effect of Temperature Fluctuations in Vaccines" by Patrice La Vigne focused on the role of temperature in vaccine storage. It noted "According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccines are impacted by fluctuations in conditions during transport and storage unlike chemical drugs. The instability and uncertainty can reduce the product’s safety, potency, efficacy and shelf life."*

The National Vaccine Information Center article goes into detail on why suboptimal temperatures often result in revaccination.

Proper vaccine storage is also a critical element for complying with government-funded Vaccines for Children (VFC) programs as described in the CDC's Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit available online.

How to Choose a Vaccine Refrigerator

The scientists at Tovatech are very much involved in helping hospitals, medical practices and similar healthcare facilities choose the correct equipment for vaccine storage, based on the size of their facility.

Among important considerations are included:

  • The dangers of using household, commercial and "dormitory" refrigerators
  • Balancing the cost of your vaccine storage refrigerator with the value of its contents
  • Adhering to vaccine storage temperature requirements
  • Calculating capacity requirements for your vaccine storage refrigerator
  • Critical alarming functions indicating temperature fluctuations
  • Record-keeping capabilities
  • Auto vs. manual defrosting capabilities
  • Other selection and usage criteria
  • Things you might not have thought of

For more details on the above points please check out our post vaccine storage specification guide. Take a look at the several models of vaccine storage refrigerators we offer and give us a call for answers to your questions and help in selecting the right unit for you.

With this intro we invite you to take a look at the selection of products we recommend for vaccine storage. As always, our scientists are ready to help you pick the unit best matching your vaccine storage needs.

* World Health Organization. Stability of vaccines.

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