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Ultrasonic Applications


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Ultrasonic Cleaning for So Many Applications

Nothing beats ultrasonic energy for cleaning an almost endless list of products and nobody beats Tovatech’s experience in helping you solve your toughest ultrasonic cleaning problem. Rely on Tovatech for quality products, expert sales assistance, and great technical support and warranties.

Cleaning with Flammable Solvents

Cleaning with Flammable Solvents
If you’re planning to clean parts with a flammable solvent (i.e. any liquid with a flash point) in an ultrasonic cleaner, there are several possible approaches to consider.

Cleaning 3D Parts

Cleaning 3D Parts
Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used to remove mold support and surface contaminants from 3-D printed parts. Ultrasonic cleaning is thorough, fast and capable of accessing complex geometries unreachable by water sprays and it won’t damage your part like manual cleaning with brushes.

"Do It Yourself" Liposomal Vitamin C
Recipes for DIY liposomal vitamin C are found on the web. Common to all is the use of an ultrasonic bath to encapsulate ascorbic acid within liposomes to improve bioavailability of Vitamin C in the body. We offer several ultrasonic kits ideal for your DIY liposome production.

Eco-Friendly Paint & Coating Removal

Non-Flammable Formulations for Removing Paints
Eco-friendly removing paints and coatings from all surfaces is faster and easier with Tovatech's line of 3 semi-aqueous formulations suitable for use in a benchtop or industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank or a wash tank.

Cannabis Production and QC

Cannabis Production and QC
Ultrasonic energy is employed in several ways during the production of cannabis and ensuring that the product is of the highest quality. It is also a preferred method of removing gummy contaminants and other unwanted residues from processing glassware and similar equipment.


Cleaning Dental and Medical Instruments
Fast pre-sterilization cleaning of Dental and medical instruments. Ultrasonic cleaners reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection


Lab Instrument Cleaning
Fast, Quiet, thorough laboratory instrument cleaning. Ideally suited for the stringent cleaning demands of all types of labware: glass, plastic, or metal. Also great for sample preparation and solvent degassing


Remove Particles from Sieves
Thoroughly remove particles from sieves in food, environmental, and analytical laboratories. We offer special equipment for cleaning individual sieves or four 8-inch sieves simultaneously.


Carburetor and Automotive Parts Cleaning
Perfect carb and auto parts cleaning. Thoroughly remove carbon deposits, grease, oil, and other dirt from carburetors and engine part.


PCB Cleaning
Perfect for PCB cleaning. Remove Flux or Eliminate Water Damage with Ultrasonic Cleaners. Safely clean delicate electronics with eco-friendly solutions.


Industrial Parts Cleaning & Degreasing
Clean difficult to reach areas like small blind holes, joints, threads, cavities, and crevices. Slash maintenance costs.


Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Fulfill the stringent demands that operational safety standards require for aircraft maintenance.


Mold Cleaning
High Performance mold cleaning. Remove residual polymer, rubber, latex and release agents and increase the life of injection molds.







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