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A happy customer is our best salesperson. 

Here are some comments we’ve received about our products and services.

A Company that Speaks the Same Language

When I call Tovatech I know I’m talking to trained professionals with a scientific background.  They understand what I need and are able to recommend the right solution at the outset. 

AG, Edison NJ

Reconditioning Ink Jet Cartridges

 “The Elmasonic E ultrasonic cleaner is great for cleaning and reconditioning inkjet cartridges.  I will be ordering another one for my other store soon. I will also post it so that the other 200+ franchisees will get to know about it.”

IN, Ottawa, ON

Water Wash Filters

"The Elmasonic E15H cleaner has arrived and works great for cleaning the 5 micron water wash filter for our LM 6000 gas turbine. Thanks for the great service!"

CJB, St. John, New Brunswick

Biological Science Laboratories

“The Elmasonic S10 ultrasonic cleaner arrived yesterday and what a spiffy little unit it is for dissolving chemicals and cleaning microsurgery tools!  It's so good to have a bit of control over ultrasonic cleaning for a change.  A timer and different modes - a real big change from just having an on-off switch!!"

IM, Athens OH 

Safe gentle drying of jewelry and precious stones

“I just wanted to tell you that I love that little Elma electric hot air dryer. I clean loose diamonds quite often and trying to dry 2,000 small diamonds can be a challenge unless you have the air dryer. It dries the stones but doesn’t blow hard enough to blow them out of the open drying basket. One of the best deals I’ve bought in a long time. If people who work with loose diamonds knew how well it works, they would buy one. I now dry all jewelry and loose diamonds with the dryer instead of compressed air.”

EWF, Tulsa OK

Cleaning Surgical Implant Instruments

“Thank you for your help.  Given the steel tubes and rods that we process, I do feel a lot more comfortable with our selected cycle.  Thank you again for all of your time. I wish that all of our vendors were this knowledgeable and helpful.”

SR, Austria

Cleaning Auto Parts to Spec

“Thank you for all of your attention to my order.  Your company's customer service goes well beyond the norm.”

DK, Oxford CT

Dissolving Granulated Vitamins

"Dissolving granulated vitamins in water using an ultrasonic bath was a problem until we tried the T490DH ultrasonic unit from Tovatech.  Not only does it dissolve the samples completely within 5 minutes it is so quiet I can operate it next to my desk without being disturbed.  We couldn't ask for a better unit and thank Tovatech for their guidance on solving this problem."

PA, Missouri





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