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Sieve Cleaning


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Powerful Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner For Your Lab


A Better Way to Clean Sieves

Effective Cleaning
Nothing beats ultrasonic energy for fast, safe removal of soluble and insoluble residual particles from fine mesh sieves. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is tough on dirt, but gentle on sieves. There is no damage to analytical sieves. Web tension and mesh size are not affected.

Many Uses

Elma sieve cleaners are perfect for paint, powder, soil, food analysis, rocks, aggregates, sand, grain, or any particle size. Sieves can be ASTM standard made of brass, steel, and ceramic, and can be of any mesh size.

S50R Ultrasonic Single Sieve Cleaner - Cleans one sievesieve-s50r-web-v1.jpg

The specially designed Elmasonic S50R concentrates cleaning action on 8-inch, 200 mm, or smaller diameter sieves to remove stubborn particles from the finest mesh. The sieve cleaning program automatically alternates sweep mode with powerful pulse mode to remove particles to the last grain.

  • Easy to use - Select the ‘sieve cleaning’ mode
  • Removes both insoluble and swollen particles
  • Optimized for 3 uses: Sieve cleaning, Sample Prep, and Degas
  • Degas mode rapidly degasses HPLC solvents and samples
  • Sample prep mode mixes, dissolves, disperses, homogenizes
  • Convenient accessories: mesh basket, sieve rack, integrated stand to support flask and bottles

SRH 4/200 Sieve Rotation Holder with E300H Ultrasonic Cleaner - Cleans 4 sieves simultaneously

Position the SRH 4/200 inside an Elmasonic E300H (or S300H) ultrasonic cleaner to clean four 8-inch (or 200 mm) sieves simultaneously.  The sieves are rotated into and out of the cleaning solution for alternate cleaning and draining action.  This rotation process offers faster cleaning than fully submerging the sieves during sonication.  Sieves are positioned at an angle allowing contaminants to drop to the bottom of the cleaning tank.

  • Sieve rotation provides fast, thorough cleaning
  • Highly cost effective for cleaning multiple sieves; saves time and money
  • Designed for 7.5 gallon Elmasonic E300H or S300H ultrasonic cleaner
  • Fit two SRH 4/200 holders in an Elmasonic S900H to clean 8 sieves at once
  • Stainless steel construction for long service life
  • Sweep mode for homogenous cleaning action
  • Time and temperature control
  • Extended utility for other laboratory cleaning requirements 

Made by Elma Germany

The name Elma has represented quality and know-how in ultrasonic cleaner technology for 50 years. Elma ultrasonic cleaner units are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of excellence. The Elma product range for ultrasonic cleaning is the largest worldwide, for both standard and special cleaning lines. Long term experience, innovative development, and a drive for perfection are reflected in every Elma product.