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Plastics Industry Moisture AnalyzersCompanies striving to deliver superior quality injected molded products are aware that the moisture content of their resins feeds is absolutely critical to product quality.

Correct moisture content in your plastic resin feeds affects your product quality in two ways:

  1. Moisture content above the recommended percentage may deliver a part that "looks good" but can easily break or otherwise fail.
  2. Continued heating after reaching the recommended moisture content will degrade the resins. This can lead to dull and brittle parts.

The DSC71P Moisture Analyzer

Our DSC71P is a superb moisture analyzer for low moisture resins (< 0.1% moisture).  To help assure that your resin moisture content meets your supplier's recommendation the DSC71P from Tovatech delivers a readout of 0.1 mg or 0.001% moisture. 

As a real time saver for your injection molding operations, the DSC71P moisture analyzer is pre-programmed with a method that can be used to test 75% of the plastic resins commonly used in the injection molding industry

DSC71P comes with software that assists the user in developing test methods. If you plan to develop test parameters for more than one type of plastic, this software is extremely useful. A real-time graph of weight loss rate can be viewed on a connected PC.

Need Assistance?

Tovatech provides technical support phone calls for assistance in developing test parameters for other resins.  For an additional fee, a test method for a specific polymer will be developed and programmed into the instrument prior to shipping.

Ask about our Rent-to-Own program. The rental fee for the DSC71P will be deducted from the purchase price.




Model Recommended for Plastics with Moisture Content: Rental Program
Sample Testing prior to purchase

Stores 20 drying programs, Optional USB interface

0.02% or higher Yes Yes

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