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Our plastics moisture analyzers offer a readout of 0.1 mg or 0.001% moisture. This high resolution is required for most resins used in molding operations. 

The DSC 71P is our top moisture analyzer for low moisture resins (< 0.1% moisture).  This model is pre-programmed with a method that can be used to test 75% of plastics.  The DSC 71P includes three technical support phone calls for assistance in developing test parameters for other resins.  For an additional fee, a test method for a specific polymer will be developed and programmed into the instrument prior to shipping.

Both the MS-70 and DSC 71P come with software that assists the user in developing test methods. If you plan to develop test parameters for more than one type of plastic, this software is extremely useful. A real time graph of weight loss rate can be viewed on a connected PC.

For resins with a moisture content of > 0.1% the XM 60-HR is an excellent choice.  This model is quality built in Switzerland.  The EM 120-HR is a step up with an optional USB host to connect a keyboard allowing users to conveniently enter detailed information.




Model Readout Capacity Temp Range

Stores 20 drying programs, Optional USB interface

0.0001g/0.001% 71 g 30-200°C

Includes method development software, Stores 20 drying programs

0.0001g/0.001% 71 g 50-200°C 

EM 120-HR
Graphic user interface, Optional USB host for keyboard, Internal calibration

0.0001g/0.001% 124 g 30-230°C

XM 60-HR
Stores 20 drying programs, Optional USB interface

0.0001g/0.001% 124 g 30-230°C