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Mold Cleaning


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High Performance Mold Cleaning with Ultrasonic Cleaners


Tovatech’s Ultrasonic Cleaners enhance the performance and increase the life of your injection molds

Ultrasonic Cleaners Increase Life & Performance of Your Molds

  • Removes residual polymer, rubber, latex and release agents
  • Does not damage mold detail
  • Faster with much less labor than traditional cleaning methods
  • Maintains critical tolerances
  • Extends mold life
  • Better releases and longer runs
  • Improves productivity & minimizes scrap
  • Extends life of mechanically active components
  • Removes build ups from internal cooling ports and channels
  • Improves polymer flow

Baked on carbonaceous residue like rubber, latex, polymer, and release agents adhere strongly to your mold.  Traditional cleaning methods require careful supervision and can lead to abrasion of the mold surface.  Your mold may end up requiring refurbishment or even worse – may become completely unusable, increasing your production cost and reducing margins.  Manually cleaning mold tooling takes up more time than all other mold maintenance functions such as disassembly, troubleshooting, and assembly.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an elegant, cost-effective cleaning method that will give you superior, penetrating cleansing action that is unmatched by any manual cleaning process.  High frequency ultrasonic waves create tiny implosions in a suitable cleaning solution releasing a great deal of energy which in turn dislodges dirt and tough soils like rubber, polymer, latex, and release agents from the surface of your mold. 

Tovatech covers the entire range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment with suitable models to fit every need.  Choosing the right combination of ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning chemistry can be a challenge.  There are several gotchas that you need to watch out for.  This is where we come in.  Our vast experience across industries will help in guiding you towards the most cost effective solution that will match your budget without compromising on your cleaning needs.  Call us and we will help you make you the right choice quickly.

Enhance Performance & Extend the Life of Your Molds

The ultrasonic cleaning process is a fully automated cleaning process that requires no manual intervention or presence.  Simply remove the excess dirt and debris that maybe stuck to your mold and place it in the ultrasonic cleaning bath.  The ultrasonic cleaning action will penetrate deeply into every groove and crevice of your mold.  The ultrasonic agitation of the cleaning solution will dislodge even minute soils.  No manual, abrasive, scrubbing action is ever used resulting in faithful retention of your mold geometry.  As a result your mold life is extended considerably while continuing to minimize production rejects and scrap.

If this is your first time you may have questions.  Choosing the right combination of equipment and chemical solution for your specific situation can be challenging.  If you are unsure, please do talk to us first.  Just call us.  We will quickly help you identify the exact ultrasonic cleaner unit and cleaning chemistry combination that you need. 

Deep Penetrating Mold Cleaning

Traditional cleaning processes are usually limited by the physical shape of the mold.  The choice of cleaning method depends on the size of the part. Small holes, crevices, joints, and other hard to reach areas are either ignored or require considerable expense to clean. 

An ultrasonic cleaner eliminates the need for specialized cleaning equipment; every surface in contact with the cleaning solution gets cleaned.  This results in uniform, micron level cleansing action over the entire surface irrespective of the shape or complexity of the mold surface.

Our vast experience across numerous industries and cleaning requirements will help you identify the ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution combination that is best suited to your mold.  Call us and we will quickly help you identify the right combination and even suggest accessories that will enhance your cleaning process.

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