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Scientific Refrigerators/Freezers


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Scientific Refrigerators and Freezers for Research and Healthcare Professionals

Long-term, reliable, temperature-critical storage of valuable products and samples is a key requirement of scientific refrigerators and scientific freezers used by research and healthcare professionals. Indeed, losses caused by temperature excursions in lab refrigerators and lab freezers are documented every year and run to the thousands of dollars.

Other applications for scientific refrigerators and freezers relate to the protection of irreplaceable biological specimens under long term storage in forensic laboratories and similar facilities .

Government and professional organizations promulgate strict recommendations concerning temperature monitoring and control. Among these are CDC's guidelines for vaccine storage and handling.

Browse Scientific Refrigerators & Freezers



Lab Refrigerators
Temperature displays at eye-level for easy to monitor scientific refrigeration.


Lab Freezers
Provide extra low temperature for routine scientific and laboratory storage.


Ultra Low Freezers
Low temperature freezers are quality built in the USA to safely store valuable medical research samples for short or long periods.


Compact and stackable to fit your space.


Vaccine Storage
Reliable pre-set temperature. Temperature charting and alarms for easy record keeping.


Stability Testing Chambers
Designed to meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical (ICH), biological (BOD), scientific and laboratory applications.


Specialty Refrigerator Products
Specialty units for your blood products, enzymes and flammable storage needs.




Why Scientific Refrigeration Equipment is Essential

It is true that scientific refrigerators and freezers cost more than household and commercial (supermarket and restaurant) units. But the higher cost is justified when measured against the financial costs that can occur if stored products are lost due to improper storage temperatures.

On the plus side, Tovatech offers a broad selection of scientific refrigerators and freezers in several price ranges. This helps you select a unit based on your own particular requirements. And our scientists are ready and able to help you make the right decision.

You can specify your unit by

  • storage capacity
  • storage temperature requirements
  • how storage temperature is controlled
  • high/low temperature alarming systems
  • temperature monitoring and recording systems
  • auto or manual defrosting
  • explosion proof or flammable requirements
  • special operating features important to your operations

You can also specify your unit based on applications

  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Drug Stability and Shelf Life Testing
  • Plasma and Blood Storage
  • Clinical Research, Hospitals, Pharmacy
  • Environmental Simulation Testing
  • Materials Testing and Quality Control
  • Biological and Biotechnology Research
  • Forensic Science, Medical Research
  • Life Science and HealthCare
  • Industrial and Government Research

Scientific Refrigerators and Freezers from World-Renowned Manufacturers

Tovatech is proud t offer products manufactured by Nor-Lake, So-Low and Summit - the finest refrigerators, freezers, stability chambers, incubators, and flammable and explosion-proof units you can buy.

These scientific freezers and refrigerators are designed to the highest quality standards to deliver long-term, reliable, temperature-critical storage of valuable products and samples. Check out our product categories to find the equipment that exactly meets your critical storage requirements.  Feel free to contact our professionals for assistance in making the right choice. 

Why you should buy from Tovatech:

  • Highly rated customer support
  • Huge inventory for fast delivery
  • Dependable, feature packed, trouble-free units
  • Meet the most demanding specs