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Lab Refrigerator


Why you Need a Laboratory/Medical Refrigerator

You are looking for the right equipment to store your laboratory specimens, medical pharmaceuticals, vaccines and related temperature-sensitive products. While you (or your accounting department) may have a strong temptation to select residential or commercial restaurant-grade refrigerators as a means to lower acquisition cost, consider the following arguments for a laboratory refrigerator:

  • Acquisition costs cannot be ignored. But….
  • The important point to consider is the value of the contents.
  • Your laboratory and medical refrigerator must be designed to protect your valuable specimens and products from spoilage or loss due to improper storage temperatures.

Your Lab Refrigerator Is Your Insurance Policy

No less an authority than The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests thinking of your laboratory refrigerator as an insurance policy to protect your lab from the cost and other consequences associated with losing the contents due to insufficient temperature control.  

These can be substantial, especially if you have a large inventory under cold storage and are forced to replace the contents.

For more information on this we invite you check the CDC's Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit. While it focuses on vaccines, many of the recommendations apply to requirements for laboratory refrigerators and medical refrigerators.

Tovatech Is Proud to Offer Norlake Scientific Refrigeration Equipment

Norlake White Diamond laboratory refrigerators and medical grade refrigeration equipment is designed and built to maintain relatively uniform temperatures throughout the interior.

Units are equipped with precise temperature-control capabilities backed by comprehensive alarming, data acquisition and archiving capabilities to safeguard the your costly contents and provide vital documentation if required.

Each of the laboratory and medical refrigerators described in this section includes important specification criteria you need to consider when making your purchase.

You'll also find information in our post on how to select scientific refrigeration equipment, so we won't repeat them here in our introduction.

Questions about Laboratory or Medical Refrigeration Equipment?

Please contact our scientists. We'll give you straight answers to help you decide the right laboratory refrigerator or medical refrigerator that meets your requirements.

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