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Slash Costs: Industrial Parts Cleaning & Degreasing with Ultrasonic Cleaners 


Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners & Degreasers dramatically lower the cost of your parts cleaning process with a higher degree of efficacy compared to traditional methods 

Parts Cleaning with Tovatech’s Ultrasonic Cleaners: Lower Cost, Higher Efficacy 

  • Slash your cleaning labor and materials costs
  • Reduce your Work In Process time
  • Deep penetrating cleansing action, powerful yet gentle
  • Far superior to hand cleaning
  • Clean difficult to reach areas like small blind holes, joints, threads, cavities, and crevices
  • Thoroughly clean all hard surfaces: metal, plastic, glass
  • Use environmentally safe cleaning fluids

Traditional parts cleaning or degreasing in the machine shop or the factory floor is a time consuming, labor intensive process that relies on a mixture of solvents, chemicals, and mechanical scrubbing action to remove dirt, grease, cutting and lubricating fluids, rust, salt deposits, polishing pastes, oil, loose burrs, and lapping abrasives from parts.  These traditional cleaning methods have a dramatic impact on the overall cost of the maintenance, refurbishment, or manufacturing process. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning is an elegant method to ensure your cleaning costs are brought down to manageable levels in these hyper-competitive, margin squeezed days.  Ultrasonic cleaners work on the principle of agitating a suitable cleaning solution with high frequency ultrasonic waves that create thousands of tiny cavitation bubbles.  These bubbles implode releasing a great deal of energy which in turn dislodges dirt and contaminants from any surface in contact with the liquid. 

Tovatech’s ultrasonic cleaners cover the entire range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment with suitable models to fit every need.  Choosing the right combination of ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning chemistry can be a challenge.  There are several gotchas that you need to watch out for.  This is where we come in.  Our vast experience across industries will help in guiding you towards the most cost effective solution that will match your budget without compromising on your cleaning needs.  Call us and we will help you make you the right choice quickly. 

Slash Labor and Material Costs

Other than the brushing off of extra heavy soils and debris that may cling to the parts – say from heavy outdoor usage resulting in mud getting caked to the substrate – the ultrasonic cleaning process is fully automated and eliminates the need for your active presence.  

All you need to do is place the parts in the bath, ensure that the correct chemical cleaning solution is used, and the correct temperature selected.  The cleaning chemistry is usually an environmentally friendly water-based solution that is specifically suited to the particular material being cleaned. 

Choosing the right combination for your specific situation can be challenging.  If you are unsure or are trying a new material, please do talk to us first.  Just call us.  We will quickly help you identify the exact ultrasonic cleaner unit and cleaning chemistry combination that you need.   

Remove Grease, Contaminants, & Dirt at Micron Level 

Traditional cleaning processes are usually limited by the physical geometry of the part.  Intricate parts with small holes, crevices, joints, and other hard to reach areas require specialized cleaning equipment or may be ignored, leaving contaminants behind.  For processes like electroplating, electrophoretic deposition, or powder coating a perfectly clean substrate is a prerequisite which cannot be compromised.  

During ultrasonic cleaning the part is completely immersed in the cleaning bath and all surfaces in contact with the liquid are cleaned.  This results in uniform, micron level cleansing action over the entire substrate preventing spotty electroplating or electrophoretic adhesion.  

Choosing the right combination keeping the above factors in mind can be challenging.  Our vast experience across numerous industries and cleaning requirements will help you identify the ultrasonic cleaner that is best suited to your industrial application.  Call us and we will quickly identify the right combination and even suggest accessories that will enhance your cleaning process.