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FlowCal 5000 Testimonials


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 "Prior to using the FlowCal 5000 the flow rate was measured using a volumetric flask and a timer at two flow rates (0.10 & 1.00 ml/min).

Each measurement took 10 minutes to complete, as did any additional measurements, which we sometimes needed for various reasons. This added up to approximately 30 minutes to calibrate the flow rate for each pump.

With a total of approximately 70 pumps, which required calibration yearly and after any repair, I would estimate that I was spending approximately 50 hours a year calibrating flow rate. Now, I can take measurements at both flow rates in approximately 5 minutes using the FlowCal 5000, allowing me to do my work much more efficiently. "I would also mention that using the volumetric flask method for low flow rates was not very accurate. I was using a 1 ml volumetric flask at 0.10 ml/min, so it was imprecise exactly when the liquid reached volume, because it was moving very slow. This did not typically cause calibrations to fail because the acceptable range was +/- 5%, however small variations in flow rate can cause significant chromatography variations in some studies. Using the FlowCal 5000 gives you a much more accurate measurement at low flow rates, thus avoiding these problems."

David Mason Scientist II, KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services

 “We acquired our second FlowCal flow meter about two years ago to replace an earlier model than wore out after some 12 years of service.  Our cart-mounted FlowCal 5000 serves 100 HPLC systems in our facility – all I do is wheel it to the sites, connect it and then am free to do other work while the HPLC flow rate is measured.

“That’s one of the main advantages of the FlowCal 5000 – there is no need to monitor flow rates using the time consuming graduated-cylinder-and-stop-watch method.  Other benefits include ease of use, highly accurate readings and saving time.  I encourage any technician still calculating flow rates using a cylinder and stopwatch to look into the FlowCal for improved precision and resolution.  Its operation is intuitive and easy to master.”img-flowmeter-testimonials-1.jpg   

Amy Furreness, metrology technician at a major pharmaceutical company

 “I’m quite familiar with the FlowCal 5000 as I used it in a previous position.  At our company it is a great traveler as we take it on the road two to three times a week to check the accuracy of dozens of HPLC systems used by our customers. 

“I’m quite familiar with the gravimetric method and all of its challenges and can say without hesitation that nothing beats the FlowCal in terms of ease of use and speed of results.  We can complete a flow analysis in less than 5 minutes including the all important data output for record keeping.  This works out to a 15 to 20 minute savings in time over the gravimetric method.”

TT, service engineer at a pharmaceutical industry service supplier

img-flowmeter-testimonials-2.jpg “Our Chem Engineering department has 3 Tovatech FlowCal 5000 flowmeters that we find extremely accurate.  Prior to that we used the gravimetric method but found that accuracy suffered due to evaporation.  This occurred even when we covered the beaker on the scale because of the opening required for tubing.

“I guess that in a sentence we use the FlowCal 5000 for its accuracy at low volumetric flow rates, its reliability and its ease of use.” 

JT, UCLA graduate researcher, chemical engineering





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