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FlowCal 5000 FAQs


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Answers to Your Questions

How accurate is the FlowCal 5000 flow meter? What about precision?
The flow meter is accurate to ±1.0% of the reading with a standard deviation of less than ±0.5%.

What is the flow meter resolution?
The flow meter displays 4 digits (e.g. 0.050 ml/min), but when using an RS232 interface, the readings are output to 4 decimal places (e.g. 0.0500 ml/min).

Can I recalibrate the flow meter myself?
Assuming you are able to set up and maintain a constant flow rate with pure water, you can verify the calibration of the flow meter. However, the firmware is locked and you cannot make adjustments. The flow meter must be returned to Tovatech for recalibration if adjustments are needed.

Can I use the flow meter in line under pressure?
No, the flow meter must be used at the end of a line at atmospheric pressure.

How does the flow meter work?
The principle of operation is recording the time it takes to fill a 140 μL glass tube equipped with two optical sensors. When the liquid enters the flowmeter at the bottom and begins to fill the measuring tube the meniscus passes the bottom sensor which activates a timer. When the meniscus reaches the top it activates the second sensor that opens a valve and drains the tube. The valve closes and the process repeats itself. Each new measurement refreshes the reading on the flow meter display.

Is the FlowCal 5000 compatible with my HPLC system?
The flow meter is compatible with any HPLC system operating at a flow rate between 0.05 and 25 ml/min.

How do I connect the flow meter to my HPLC system?
The flow inlet is a 1/16 inch diameter PEEK tube and can be connected with a standard fitting for HPLC tubing.





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