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Flex 1 with Agitation - High Precision Cleaning


For Multi-Stage Units See the Flex 2

Tovatech proudly offers the Elmasonic Flex 1 single stage industrial ultrasonic cleaner. The superior features of the Flex 1 allow you to dramatically improve cleaning effectiveness and increase your cleaning cycle speeds by 20% depending on the particular cleaning requirement.

Is your small manufacturing operation still using manual cleaning to meet very demanding cleanliness requirements? Switching to the Elmasonic Flex 1 will significantly reduce your cleaning costs.


Features of Elmasonic Flex 1 Workstation:

  • Precise oscillation yields faster, more thorough cleaning and increased throughput
  • Degasses new solutions to increase cleaning efficiency at the outset
  • Sweep and pulse modes improve cleaning uniformity and effectiveness
  • Multi-frequency options meet all cleaning requirements
  • Time and temperature control optimizes cleaning cycles
  • Optional shower rinse station for post-cleaning wash down

10 Options to Achieve Ultrasonic Cleaning Perfection
The Elmasonic Flex 1 is offered in 5 tank sizes and 2 frequency pairs to give you a broad choice in specifying an industrial ultrasonic cleaner delivering the ultimate cleaning performance.

  • Tank capacities 7, 10, 17, 19 and 30 gallons
  • Ultrasonic frequencies 25/45 kHz and 35/130 kHz

Match the Frequencies to the Job

  • 25 kHz for coarse removal of lapping and polishing media
  • 45 kHz for fine removal of oil and grease in industrial, craft and jewelry manufacturing
  • 35 kHz for removal of oil and grease from metal, glass and hard precious stones, or general purpose reliable thorough cleaning
  • 130 kHz for sensitive surfaces in jewelry and electronic component cleaning

callout-calltoday-v1.jpgAdditional features

  • Manual setting of ultrasonic intensity
  • User-friendly operation by keys and displays
  • Timer controlled cleaning, user-defined switch-off and auto shutoff after 12 hours
  • Bath temperature control from 30 to 80ºC (86 to 176ºF); safety shut-off at 90ºC
  • Liquid-level monitor; low-level auto-shutoff
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel for long service life



Elmasonic Flex 1 Available Tank Sizes

Model # Capacity(gal) Tank Inside Dimensions(in)
X-tra Pro   Length Width Height
300 8.5 11.7 13.1 10.4
550 14.6 11.6 19.7 12.1
800 22.4 11.6 19.7 18
1200 29.8 20.4 23.6 12.6
1600 44.5 20.4 23.6 18.7
Note: These tank sizes apply to both Flex 1 and Flex 2 models which are comprised of X-tra Pro tanks.


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Elma stands behind their products. All Elma ultrasonic cleaners come with an industry-best 2 year warranty. If the unit malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect, simply call us and we’ll repair or replace the unit.




Your information is secure, and won't be shared with a 3rd party or spammed.