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Elmasonic X-tra LSM Ultrasonic Cleaners


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csm-x-tra-lsm-550-1024x1024-e946167577.jpgUltrasonic cleaning with flammable solvents 

The Elmasonic X-tra LSM models are safe for cleaning with solvents with a flash point greater than or equal to 131°F (55°C) such as NMP. The safety features are tailored to the specific solvent that will be used. They can also be used with aqueous solutions without a flash point.


Available in 2 sizes (7.4 and 15.9 gallon), the X-tra LSM ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for cleaning, degreasing, removal of paint and adhesive residues.

  • Variable ultrasonic power
  • Dual frequency with operation at either 25 or 45 kHz
  • Temperature control with digital display of actual and set values
  • Built-in explosion protection to prevent formation of an explosive atmosphere.
  • The unit automatically switches off for safety under the following conditions:
    • The temperature exceeds the limit set by the manufacturer.
    • The integrated ventilation inside the housing is insufficient.
    • The cleaning liquid level falls below a minimum.

 Specifications and Base Units

Model Volume
Inside Tank Dimensions
L x W x H
Outer Dimensions
L x W x H
X-tra 250 LSM 7.4 13.7 x 13.0 x 9.8 19.5 x 26.3 x 22.3
X-tra 550 LSM 15.9 13.7 x 19.8 x 14.2 19.5 x 32.9 x 22.3

These are base units. Available options include lid, basket, agitation, cooling coils, filter pump, rim to channel solvent vapor to exhaust system, etc. Contact Tovatech for details.




*Check local fire regulations for the maximum quantity of flammable solvent that may be treated in an open ultrasonic tank. 
*This unit is not designed for operation in areas with an explosive ambient atmosphere.