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Elmasolvex VA Explosion-Proof Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Clean, Rinse and Dry Micro-Machined Parts and Micro Optics 

img-elmasolvex.jpgThe Elmasolvex® VA is a single chamber, fully integrated, automated, dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning system employing vacuum technology to safely solvent clean, rinse and dry extremely small parts. Solvent vapors are discharged to an existing exhaust system or an optional activated carbon filter. Cleaned parts are completely residue-free. 

This ultrasonic cleaner is certified to be explosion proof under international standards* when used with solvents having a flash point ≥ 12°C (53⁰F).  

How to Use the Elmasolvex VA

The tabletop Elmasolvex VA ultrasonic cleaner is easy to program and operate.    

  • Fill supplied containers with cleaning and rinsing solutions** and insert into the unit's bays
  • Place parts to be cleaned in up to 5, 2.5 or 3 inch supplied mesh baskets
  • Stack baskets in the basket container then into the vacuum chamber
  • Select cleaning parameters
  • Initiate cleaning, rinsing and heater-supported drying cycles
  • After each cycle cleaning and rinsing solutions are filtered and returned to their respective containers for reuse

Elmasolvex VA Specifications

Cleaning basket diameter 2.5 and 3 inches - up to 5 per cleaning cycle
Effective ultrasonic power 50 Watts
Adjustable ultrasonic power 30 to 100%
Cleaning cycle ultrasonic frequency 40 kHz
Basket rotation for cleaning cycle 1 to 20 rpm
Rinsing cycles (3) ultrasonic frequency 80 kHz
Basket rotation for rinsing cycles 1 to 20 rpm
Intra-cycle spin To 1000 rpm
Adjustable final spin cycle To 1400 rpm
Number of cleaning programs 6 fixed, 12 definable
Product weight 86 pounds
Dimensions (inches) 24 D x 24 H

View this video for a short tutorial on how the electronically controlled and monitored Elmasolvex VA ultrasonic cleaning system works. Then call our scientists for further information.

*TÜV is officially recognized as an equivalent and direct replacement of the UL and CSA marks.

**Tovatech offers the recommended Elma wf pro cleaning solution and suprol pro rinsing solution for the Elmasolvex VA. Call us for details.





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