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Perfect PCB Cleaning: Remove Flux & Ionic Residue with Ultrasonic Cleaners


Designed for Printed Circuit Boards and delicate Electronics, our ultrasonic cleaners remove RMA-type flux & ionic contaminants for both Through-Hole & SMD PCBs. 

Eco-friendly, Controlled, Precision, Sub-Micron Level Ultrasonic Cleaning of Printed Circuit Boards and Delicate Electronics

  • Removes flux, solder paste, and other residues
  • Zero damage to delicate electronics
  • Lowers QC rejects, increases product reliability
  • Uses eco-friendly chemicals
  • Penetrates into tight spaces with complex geometries
  • Superior to spray washing
  • Maintenance cleaning of dispensing nozzles and print heads

Precise and thorough cleaning of your printed circuit boards are of critical importance.  In the old days, ultrasonic cleaning of electronics was a concern due to the damage caused by harmonic vibrations from single frequency ultrasonic waves.  No more!  Our variable “Sweep” frequency mode eliminates hot spots of focused ultrasonic energy and prevents damaging harmonics while giving you what you need most: a picture perfect, pristine printed circuit board, ready for production.

Ultrasonic cleaners work on the principle of agitating liquid using high frequency sound waves.  The ultrasonic agitation creates microscopic bubbles that implode releasing vast quantities of energy.  This action, known as cavitation, dislodges any contaminants on all surfaces in contact with the cleaning fluid.  A high degree of cleanliness is achieved at sub micron levels. 

Need help selecting?  While ultrasonic cleaning is the perfect deep cleansing solution for PCBs, choosing the right combination of cleaner and cleaning chemistry can get a bit tricky.  There are several gotchas you need to know.  This is where we come in.  Call us and we will help you select the right cleaner and a matching chemistry for your PCB cleaning needs.

Tovatech’s Ultrasonic Cleaners Suited for Lean Manufacturing

Designed to support lean manufacturing processes, our ultrasonic cleaning units are portable and can be quickly moved around your production lines as needed.  German engineering brings high performance and industrial durability to your production floor giving you many hours of continuous operation. 

Electronics Safe with Ultrasonic Cleaning

In the early days, ultrasonic cleaners employed single frequency ultrasound.  There was a potential to build up damaging harmonics, fracturing fine leads on delicate semiconductor and electronic components.   With Elma’s Sweep mode technology, this concern has been effectively eliminated.  In Sweep mode, the ultrasound generator varies the frequency over a narrow range ensuring the safety of your electronics.  In addition to protecting your device from damage, Sweep mode eliminates ‘dead zones’ within the bath where no cavitation occurs. 

Another concern with ultrasonic cleaning was the effect of liquid immersion on electronics.  The idea that electronic components cannot be immersed safely in water is actually a myth.  A well-defined drying protocol will ensure that your electronics are thoroughly dry before moving to the next step in your production process.

For very fragile components Elma offers models with adjustable ultrasonic power and a choice of standard or high frequency.  High frequency (80 or 130 kHz) ultrasonic cleaning is extremely gentle.

Choosing the right combination for your specific situation can be challenging if this is your first time.  Just call us.  We’ll quickly help you identify the exact product and cleaning chemistry combo that you need. 

Ensure Clean Stencils and Reclaim Misprinted Circuit Boards

Process engineers estimate that a high percentage of surface mount technology defects are due to insufficient solder caused by clogged stencil apertures.  Our ultrasonic cleansers ensure the efficient and complete removal of residual solder paste from your stencils.  A clean stencil can be critical in preventing misprints on the circuit board. 

Misprinted circuit boards are a common occurrence among assemblers.  This becomes a significant part of production costs especially when dealing with misprints on side ‘B’ with ‘A’ already populated.  Rather than simply treating them as QC rejects, our ultrasonic cleaners enable you to reclaim these boards.  Sweep mode ensures that none of your delicate electronics on side ‘A’ are damaged through the cleaning process and you are able to reclaim the misprinted sides.

Your PCB and Electronic devices need a specific combination of a Tovatech Ultrasonic Cleaner and a suitable chemical cleaning solution.  For effective cleaning the ultrasonic cleaner must use the right cleaning chemistry, operate at the right temperature, and use the correct frequency and power level.   The material being cleaned, its tolerance for ultrasonic vibrations, and the type of soil, determines this.  Our offering includes models with muOur experience with the electronics and PCB manufacturing sector will help you quickly identify the exact product combo that you need.  Just call us and we’ll guide you to the right solution quickly.