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Digital Scales

Digital Scales for Accurate, Precise Weighing from Milligrams to Kilograms

Weight accuracy - that is, exactly how accurate is the weight of an item - is of critical importance across businesses ranging from compounding pharmaceuticals to calculating the weight of construction products delivered to or shipped from the loading dock.

The accuracy of a weighing instrument is also critical in more mundane applications such as weighing and shipping packages and products to insure that both buyer and seller are "getting what they paid for." This can be expressed in terms of weight or, by the use of counting scales, the number of, for example, nuts or bolts in a box.

Tovatech not only offers a broad range of precision scales and analytical balances but also provides the industry with useful selection tips for these instruments and the importance of calibration on a regular basis.

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Tovatech carries four lines of digital weighing scales.  See the detail pages for each unit for comprehensive specifications.

  • Analytical Balances are capable of weighing to within the sub-milligram range such as 0.1mg or in the case of semi-micro balances within 0.01mg readability, which is the number you see on the display.  Upper weighing capacity is limited for analytical balances, depending on the models.  An example is 320g for a 0.1mg balance.  Weighing pans are enclosed by a housing with sliding doors and a top to protect them from dust and stray air currents that can affect accuracy.
  • Precision Scales have higher weighing capacities and weighing ranges from readings in milligrams (0.001g) to a capacity of 31,000g, again depending on models.  Most models have open weighing pans; others are enclosed on 4 sides and the top for draft protection. Some models can be fitted with draft shields.
  • Platform Scales, also known as parcel scales and packaging scales, are used for heavier weighing tasks. Readability – again what you see on the display – varies depending on the weighing capacity.  As an example, a 3kg maximum weight scale might have a readability of 0.01g while a 300kg scale might have a readability of 100g.
  • Hanging Scales are popular for receiving docks and warehouses to check the weight of merchandise as it is unloaded or relocated using an overhead crane.  Because they are often employed in outdoor areas Tovatech’s HCN digital hanging scales have stainless steel housings and have an IP65 rating to protect against ingress of dust and moisture. They feature front and rear weight displays and a weight holding function.
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analytical balances

Analytical Balance
Designed to meet the highest standards of precision and accuracy.

Precision Scales

Precision Scales
Accurate top loading digital scales with readouts from 1 mg to 1 g.

Platform Scales

Platform Scales
Robust and economical digital platform scales with large stainless steel weighing plates.

Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales
Heavy duty crane scales for overhead weighing of up to 10 tons

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