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Fast, Highly Effective Pre-sterilization of Your Dental & Medical Instruments


Tovatech’s Ultrasonic Cleaners Reduces Risk of Cross Contamination & Infection

  • Vastly superior to manual cleaning
  • Up to 60 times faster than hand cleaning
  • Eliminates splatter generated by manual scrubbing brushes
  • Reduces manual handling of sharp instruments thereby reducing injury risk
  • Higher level of asepsis
  • Easily cleans difficult to reach areas like crevices, joints, and lumens
  • High frequency / high energy sound hitting your instruments removes soiling matter
  • Increases productivity and cleaning effectiveness
  • Reduces worker exposure to blood and body fluids

Ultrasonic cleaners rely on the power of millions of bubbles that implode in a suitable cleaning solution at 20,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) creating shock waves that dislodge blood, saliva, dirt and other debris without damaging your precision medical instruments. 

Tovatech’s Ultrasonic cleaners are designed to thoroughly clean and prepare your medical devices and instruments for decontamination and sterilization.  They are ideally suited for dental, surgical, ophthalmic, veterinary, and other medical practices.  Choosing the right cleaner to match your cleaning requirements can get confusing.  There are several gotchas you need to know.  This is where we come in.  Call us and we will help you select the right cleaner and a matching cleaning chemistry for your medical cleaning needs.

CDC/WHO Recommended

Ultrasonic cleaning is a recommended CDC/WHO pre-sterilization protocol.  Cleaning is an essential process prior to disinfection.  It involves the removal of organic and inorganic debris from the instrument or device.  If visible debris is not removed it will interfere with the disinfection and sterilization process.  Tovatech’s Ultrasonic cleaners for medical cleaning use detergents rather than disinfectants.  This is an important point to note.  Disinfectant solutions can react with biological contaminants and make them harder to remove. 

Choosing the right combination of equipment and chemical solution for your specific situation can be challenging if this is your first time.  Just call us.  We will quickly help you identify the exact product and cleaning chemistry that meet your needs.