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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Selection Guide

elmatec-chemicals.jpgSelecting the correct ultrasonic cleaning solution is simplified when you have a clear understanding of what you are cleaning and the contaminants you want to remove.  We offer a variety of biodegradable formulations, one or more of which should satisfy your cleaning requirements. All cleaning solutions are shipped as concentrates and are diluted per instructions in the water-filled ultrasonic cleaner tank, then mixed and degassed before you start the cleaning cycle.

We also offer special formulations* for ultrasonic firearm lubrication and corrosion protection.

Shipments include material safety data sheets (MSDS). 

Parts to Clean Contaminants to Remove Solution to Use Dilution with Water Order Online
Electronics, PCBs, glass, ceramics, plastic parts Polishing suspensions, grease, oil, fluxes, spilled liquids, water damage Elma tec clean A1 3-10%


Ferrous & non-ferrous metals, precious metals, glass; brighten brass & copper Oil, fat, grease, sweat, oxides, buffing compounds Elma tec clean A2
3-5% 2.5L
Engine parts, all metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber Grease, oils, soot,  wax, combustion residues, organic contaminants Elma tec clean A4 1-5%


Non-ferrous and light metals, PCBs, glass, plastics, tarnished brass and copper, scuba diving gear Corrosion and lime deposits, water damage, grease, oil, oxide layers Elma tec clean S1 1-5%


Gentle cleaning metallic plastics, glassy and ceramic surfaces, jewelry Oils, greases, grinding, lapping & polishing residues, dust, fingerprints Elma tec clean N1 5%

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Medical, dental and surgical instruments before sterilizing or disinfecting Blood, tissue, ointments, light oils, bodily excretions MedClean C7 1-3% 1Gal
Metal, aluminum parts to be anodized, glass, ceramic, plastics Lime scale, aqueous  cooling emulsions, light mineral greases and oils Elma clean 260 dip & splash 2% 2.5L
Jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and their alloys. Brightens jewelry within seconds. Removes tarnish from silver. Not suitable for soft stones, pearls or corals Elma Noble Clean 50% 1L
Rifles, shotguns, pistols and other firearms Dried lubricants, firing residues, lead shavings, dirt GunClean L6 10% 1Gal
*Firearm lubrication For use after cleaning, leaves dry oil film GunLube L5 Full strength 1Gal
Silver, Platinum, Jewelry and Gems Dirts, Grease, Buffing compounds, Rouge, Tripoli, Oxides JewelryClean S8 2-5% 2Qt
Heavily soiled metal parts, printing plates Ink, dyes, grease, heavy soils, varnish Hydro-Sonic Non-ammoniated Makes 8 gallons of solution per bottle 1Gal
*Corrosion inhibitor Prevents corrosion of metals during/after aqueous cleaning Elma-KS 0.05-0.5% 2.5L
Heavily soiled carburetors and engine parts, production equipment, tools, mixing vats, tanks and drums Carbon, varnish, shellac, rust, printing inks, paints, adhesives, powder coatings, grease and oil Shellac Buster Full Strength 1Gal

If you do not see what you need here please contact us to discuss your cleaning challenges. Chances are we’ll be able to recommend a formulation that does the job. 




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The Elma 2 Year Warranty

Elma stands behind their products. All Elma ultrasonic cleaners come with an industry-best 2 year warranty. If the unit malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect, simply call us and we’ll repair or replace the unit.




Your information is secure, and won't be shared with a 3rd party or spammed.