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Perfect Carburetor & Automotive Parts Cleaning with Ultrasonic Cleaners


Tovatech’s Ultrasonic Cleaners thoroughly clean and remove carbon deposits, grease, oil, and other dirt from carburetors, automotive, marine and aircraft engine parts

Ultrasonic Carburetor and Engine Parts Cleaner Delivers High Performance, Industrial Strength, Cleansing Action

  • Cleans carbon deposits from carburetors and all manner of engine parts
  • Removes stubborn oil, grease, lubricants, paint, rust, and dirt (with pre-cleaning in some cases)
  •  ‘Aluminum Safe’
  • Penetrates deep into the part and cleans holes, small apertures, and crevices
  • Cleans sensitive parts like wiring and plastic without damage
  • Does not require ‘line-of-sight’ for effective cleaning
  • Ensures part longevity due to high degree of cleanliness

Tovatech’s ultrasonic cleaners are revolutionizing cleaning methods and processes on the automotive and mechanic shop floor.  Our ultrasonic cleaners clean all types of automotive, aircraft, and marine engine parts.  Ultrasonic technology for cleaning parts eliminates manual labor while providing you with superior cleansing action.  Most parts can be cleaned with environmentally friendly water-based solutions.

Ultrasonic cleaners work on the principle of agitating cleaning solvents using high frequency sound waves.  This ultrasonic agitation creates millions of microscopic bubbles that implode releasing vast quantities of energy.  This action, known as cavitation, dislodges any contaminant stuck to the surface of a part.  Ultrasonic cavitation thoroughly cleans every surface in contact with the cleaning fluid.

While ultrasonic cleaning is the perfect deep cleansing solution for engine parts, choosing the right combination of cleaner and cleaning chemistry can get a bit tricky.  Need help in selecting? There are several gotchas you need to know.  This is where we come in.  Call us and we’ll help you select the right cleaner and matching chemistry.

Suitable for All Types of Engine Parts

Tovatech’s ultrasonic cleaners effectively and thoroughly clean all types of engine parts:

  • Automotive:  Thoroughly removes carbon deposits, grease, and other types of dirt and contaminants from carburetors, exhaust manifolds, cylinder blocks, 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines, snow machines, ATV cylinders and heads, and more.
  • Marine:   Suitable for inboard and outboard motors, the cleaning chemistry is both thorough and gentle on aluminum parts, reducing the risk of future corrosion.  
  • Aircraft: The high performance demands of aircraft engines establish the need for an intensive cleaning process that will restore the engine part to near original condition.  Our ultrasonic units easily, thoroughly, and safely clean both large and small parts.  Turbine blades, fuel nozzles, generator components, brakes and other parts that require periodic cleaning are all effectively and thoroughly cleaned using the ultrasonic cleaning process. 

Choosing the right combination for your specific situation can be challenging if this is your first time.  Just call us.  We’ll quickly help you identify the optimum product and cleaning chemistry combo. 

Clean Intricate and Difficult to Reach Areas Easily

A major challenge of any cleaning system is the difficulty faced in tackling tiny spaces, intricate geometries, and difficult to reach surfaces.  Ultrasonic cleaning penetrates even blind holes and small apertures that previously had hit-and-miss success rates.  The uniform agitation of the cleaning solution ensures that the cleansing action penetrates even hard to reach areas that previously required specialized brushes and other complicated cleaning devices with no real guarantee of a successful and consistent cleaning outcome.  Various factors go into determining which combination of an ultrasonic unit and chemical solution is suited to your particular requirement. 

For effective cleaning the ultrasonic cleaner must use the right cleaning chemistry, operate at the right temperature, and use the correct frequency.   The part to be cleaned, the contaminant to be removed, and the degree of soil, determine this.  Our years of experience advising manufacturing and maintenance clients on the right process for their cleaning needs help us identify the exact product combo that you need.  Just call us and we’ll guide you to the right solution quickly.