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About Elma Ultrasonic

ELMA Ultrasonic Cleaners IMPROVE Your Cleaning and Processing Operations

We offer you this introduction to Elma ultrasonic cleaners as a brief tutorial on how industry and science employ ultrasonic energy to improve their cleaning and processing operations. While it is true that the designation "ultrasonic cleaners" seems to restrict applications to cleaning, in fact these versatile instruments do much more.

In the following paragraphs you will learn about:

  • Benchtop and Industrial ultrasonic cleaners
  • Widely used applications for ultrasonic cleaners
  • Specialized ultrasonic units
  • Selection criteria for ultrasonic cleaning solutions
  • Elma's credentials in ultrasonic cleaning technology
  • Tovatech's credentials in ultrasonic cleaner applications

(As side dishes, for detailed explanations on the technology we invite you to visit our page describing how ultrasonic cleaners work. If you desire more information, hopefully you'll find your answers to frequently asked questions about ultrasonic cleaners.)

elma ultrasonic cleaners

Tovatech is the Distributor in the US for the Prestigious Elma Brand Ultrasonic Cleaners for Science & Industry

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Benchtop and Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

In the broadest sense ultrasonic cleaners are designated as "benchtop" and "industrial" units. But this can be misleading because "benchtop" ultrasonic cleaners are often used for "industrial" applications. Perhaps better designations should be benchtop-mounted and floor-mounted units. In the latter case, as you will accurately surmise, these units have larger cleaning capacities.

As examples, Tovatech's popular Elma E Plus benchtop ultrasonic cleaners are offered in 9 cleaning solution capacities from 0.25 to 7.5 gallons.

But Elma benchtop units are also used for industrial cleaning tasks. Examples are in the dual-frequency, adjustable-power TI-H series with tank sizes from 1 to 5 gallons.

Floor-mounted industrial ultrasonic cleaners are offered in several tank capacities. Elma's dual-frequency X-tra ST series is available in 7 tank sizes from 8 to 67 gallons. Other industrial units to 110 gallons or more capacity are available.

In short, you determine whether your application(s) can be satisfied by a benchtop or floor-mounted unit and whether they can be described as general or industrial cleaning or processing. Our next section may help you decide.

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Widely Used Applications for Ultrasonic Cleaners

When you decide what are you cleaning and the nature of contaminants, or your purpose in employing ultrasonic energy you are well on the way to deciding on the equipment you need. To help you make this decision we list many of the most popular applications for ultrasonic cleaners.

These go into detail not only on the what, but also the how and other important points to help you carry out a successful operation.

There are other applications that may be of interest to you as reported in relevant trade journals. One in Plastics Today deals with cleaning costly plastic injection molds.

Another in Products Finishing describes factors to be considered in preparing surfaces for finishing and processing operations.

And another is available in our article published in Cannabis Science and Technology titled "Cannabis Production and Quality Control".

Similarly, ultrasonic cleaners and related accessories are at work in the production of liposomal vitamin C and the need to maintain properly functioning scuba gear.

Indeed Tovatech has accumulated a wealth of information on the topic of ultrasonic cleaning and processing operations. If your time permits please peruse our posts to learn more. We hope you find information useful in making your cleaning equipment decision.

Specialized Ultrasonic Units

Certain cleaning applications call for the use of flammable solvents. Using these solvents requires not only specially designed ultrasonic cleaning equipment but also that precautions be taken to deal with what is called a hazardous environment. Three options for cleaning with flammable solvents are offered by Tovatech.

Removing tenacious contaminants from dental equipment, dentures and molds is facilitated with the use of a specially designed ultrasonic cleaner for dental clinics.

Avoiding cross-contamination is facilitated in food and pharmaceutical labs by the use of two options available to ultrasonically clean fine mesh lab sieves.

Selection Criteria for Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Today, with the exception of flammable solvents, most ultrasonic cleaning solutions (sometimes called chemicals or "soaps") are marketed in the form of biodegradable concentrates. Because they are biodegradable they greatly reduce the environmental and disposal challenges common to more toxic formulations used in the past.

There is a tremendous variety of cleaning solution on the market to solve the tremendous variety of cleaning challenges faced by users such as you. Just as selecting the correct ultrasonic cleaner equipment is key to a successful cleaning operation, so too is the correct cleaning solution.

Our article in the trade journal Controlled Environments goes into great detail on providing guidelines for ultrasonic cleaning solution selection.

Selected popular cleaning solution formulations, parts they clean and contaminants they remove can be found on our chemicals page.

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Why you should Consider Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners from Tovatech

Elma's Credentials

With its 60+ years of experience and a presence in 80 countries Elma focuses on co-operatively developing solutions to cleaning problems experienced by its customers. This approach to business has positioned the names Elma and Elmasonic

in high regard well beyond its initial watch and jewelry businesses.

Ultrasonic cleaning units bearing the Elma nameplate are found in opticians’ offices and cosmetic studios, in laboratories, in medical businesses and even private households.

Single and modular Elmasonic cleaning installations support manufacturing and maintenance work in garages, repair shops and industrial production facilities.

Customized installations are produced to meet the unique requirements of the semiconductor and solar cell industries, in the optics and medical equipment manufacturing, and in the electrical, electronics, automotive and aviation industries.

Supporting the broad range of Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaners is a menu of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals for specific cleaning tasks.

Elma's multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning units provide customers an even broader choice of equipment for specific cleaning applications, each aimed at delivering the best possible results depending on the products being cleaned and the contaminants to be removed. The success of practical application is what drives the company. Progress continues.

Tovatech's Credentials

Tovatech was established by two Ph.D. chemists in July 2005 as a distributor of laboratory instruments. Our mission has expanded from serving the scientific community to include a broad range of business and industrial users with our technical expertise, ensuring that all customers are offered products that best solve their specific problems.

Principal product lines include ultrasonic cleaners, precision balances, moisture analyzers, scientific refrigerators and freezers, and digital liquid flow meters. We add new products each year, and will continue to add to our product offering.

We dedicate ourselves to educating the industrial and scientific community on how to use ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions and, through white papers, published articles and blog posts, on ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Elma ultrasonic cleaners from Tovatech are backed by

  • A 60+ year history of excellence in ultrasonic cleaning
  • Largest product range in the ultrasonic cleaning field
  • ISO certified manufacturing in Germany
  • Cleaning solutions developed and produced in house
  • Acoustical engineering lab for continuous innovation
  • Technical service in the USA

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