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About Elma Ultrasonic


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Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Tovatech is proud to feature Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaners in our mission to help businesses solve cleaning and mixing challenges, and to introduce ultrasonic cleaning as an outstanding alternative to solvent, steam or other cleaning processes.  

Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaners from Tovatech are backed by

  • A  60+ year history of excellence in ultrasonic cleaning
  • Largest product range in the ultrasonic cleaning field
  • ISO certified manufacturing in Germany
  • Cleaning solutions developed and produced in house
  • Acoustical engineering lab for continuous innovation
  • Technical service in the USA

The ELMA heritage

ELMA has won a reputation for excellence for applying ultrasonic cleaning technology across applications ranging from delicate watches and optical components to heavy industrial equipment. 



The company’s more than 60 years of experience in precision cleaning started when its founder developed a semi-automatic cleaning machine for watches of his own design. Business spread to other watch and jewelry manufacturers.  As a testimonial to ELMA quality some of these early models are still being serviced by ELMA. 

ELMA’s application of ultrasound as a watch cleaning technology began in the 1960s.  This positioned the company in the 1970s to expand ultrasonic cleaning technology and ultrasonic cleaning chemicals to the optical, laboratory and dental business sectors.

The 1980s saw the inauguration of ELMA’s ultrasonic chemical production site and manufacturing facilities to design and construct multiple stage Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaning installations.  These steps enabled the company to satisfy customers’ unique cleaning requirements.  During this period ELMA also expanded its research and manufacturing capabilities for environmentally safe ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

callout-calltoday-v1.jpgELMA today

With a presence in 80 countries ELMA today focuses on co-operatively developing solutions to cleaning problems experienced by its customers.  This approach to business has positioned the names ELMA and Elmasonic in high regard well beyond its initial watch and jewelry businesses.

Ultrasonic cleaning units bearing the ELMA nameplate are found in opticians’ offices and cosmetic studios, in laboratories, in medical businesses and even private households. Single and modular Elmasonic cleaning installations support manufacturing and maintenance work in garages, repair shops and industrial production facilities.  Customized installations are produced to meet the unique requirements of the semiconductor and solar cell industries, in the optics and medical equipment manufacturing, and in the electrical, electronics, automotive and aviation industries.  

Supporting the broad range of Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaners is a menu of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals for specific cleaning tasks.

The addition of ELMA multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning units provides customers an even broader choice of equipment for specific cleaning applications, each aimed at delivering the best possible results depending on the products being cleaned and the contaminants to be removed. The success of practical application is what drives ELMA. The development moves on.  






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