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Tovatech: Providing Premium Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories for More than 10 Years

Tovatech was created by PhDs to provide top level scientific expertise & support for our customers

  • Our team of PhDs will help you select the perfect product for your needs & budget
  • Products in stock in NJ, USA for fast delivery
  • Product guarantees
  • After-sale technical service available 7 days a week
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Ultrasonic Cleaners
Your best resource for ultrasonic cleaners and expert PhD advice.
Digital Scales
At Tovatech you can buy the full range of KERN balances.
Premium refrigeration products for lab, medical, vaccines storage & more.
HPLC Flowmeter
Quick, accurate and precise calibration of pump flow rate for any HPLC model.
Moisture Analyzer
Fast and accurate results for moisture content and percent solids analysis.
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Tovatech is the Distributor in the US for the Prestigious Elma Brand Ultrasonic Cleaners for Science & Industry

Elma ultrasonic cleaners have been German engineered since 1948, and are designed to run faster, quieter, and be the most dependable cleaners on the market.

Elma Features:

  • Adjustable power and dual frequency for maximum versatility
  • Normal mode to mix, disperse, emulsify, and dissolve samples
  • Pulse mode to remove stubborn contaminants, degas & mix samples
  • Degas mode to get the cleaning started faster
  • Microprocessor for better process control
  • Automatic shut off after 8 or 12 hours to protect tank and parts

The Elma 2 Year Warranty

Elma stands behind their products. All Elma ultrasonic cleaners come with an industry-best 2 year warranty. If the unit malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect, simply call us and we’ll repair or replace the unit.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications


Cleaning Dental and Medical Instruments
Fast pre-sterilization cleaning of Dental and medical instruments. Ultrasonic cleaners reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection


Lab Instrument Cleaning
Fast, Quiet, thorough laboratory instrument cleaning. Ideally suited for the stringent cleaning demands of all types of labware: glass, plastic, or metal. Also great for sample preparation and solvent degassing


Remove Particles from Sieves
Thoroughly remove particles from sieves in food, environmental, and analytical laboratories. We offer special equipment for cleaning individual sieves or four 8-inch sieves simultaneously.


Carburetor and Automotive Parts Cleaning
Perfect carb and auto parts cleaning. Thoroughly remove carbon deposits, grease, oil, and other dirt from carburetors and engine part.


PCB Cleaning
Perfect for PCB cleaning. Remove Flux or Eliminate Water Damage with Ultrasonic Cleaners. Safely clean delicate electronics with eco-friendly solutions.


Industrial Parts Cleaning & Degreasing
Clean difficult to reach areas like small blind holes, joints, threads, cavities, and crevices. Slash maintenance costs.


Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Fulfill the stringent demands that operational safety standards require for aircraft maintenance.


Mold Cleaning
High Performance mold cleaning. Remove residual polymer, rubber, latex and release agents and increase the life of injection molds.


Jewelry & Watches
Easily & quickly clean away dirt and grime that builds up through normal wear


Cleaning glasses is simple when using an ultrasonic cleaner. No need to try to get in those tight to reach places, the ultrasonic cleaner does it for you.


Cleaning dentures has never been easier. Simply drop them in the basket and let the machine go to work.


I've used an ultrasonic cleaner for the past 25 years. But, I always wanted a high quality ultrasonic with a timer and a heater. I finally bought the Elmasonic E15H. It's everything I had hoped for. I'll never live long enough to wear it out probably, and it's nice having such a quality ultrasonic cleaner. I highly recommend it.
D. Martin
When I call Tovatech I know I’m talking to trained professionals with a scientific background. They understand what I need and are able to recommend the right solution at the outset.
AG, Edison New Jersey
The ultrasonic technology is superb. It does everything it says. Temp gets to 176°F quickly. Timers are accurate and robust. Chamber is durable and easily cleaned. Basket is built to last. Drainage system and valves are integrated into the design, they function perfectly. This product is another example of German engineering at it's best.
Scott B.
Dissolving granulated vitamins in water using an ultrasonic bath was a problem until we tried the T490DH ultrasonic unit from Tovatech. Not only does it dissolve the samples completely within 5 minutes it is so quiet I can operate it next to my desk without being disturbed. We couldn't ask for a better unit and thank Tovatech for their guidance on solving this problem.
P.A. Missouri
The Elmasonic S10 ultrasonic cleaner arrived yesterday and what a spiffy little unit it is for dissolving chemicals and cleaning microsurgery tools! It's so good to have a bit of control over ultrasonic cleaning for a change. A timer and different modes - a real big change from just having an on-off switch!!
I.M. Athens, OH
The Elmasonic E15H cleaner has arrived and works great for cleaning the 5 micron water wash filter for our LM 6000 gas turbine. Thanks for the great service!
C.B.J. St. John, New Brunswick


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