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xtra ST


Very powerful cleaning in high capacity portable tanks

Portable, dual-frequency 25/45 kHz Elma xtra ST ultrasonic cleaners in 7 tank sizes from 8 to 67 gallons handle tasks ranging from coarse preliminary cleaning to fine cleaning. A special feature of these rugged industrial ultrasonic cleaners is the dynamic Sweep/Pulse mode that alternates safe, even cleaning of sweep with powerful pulse to quickly remove tenacious contaminants.

Elmasonic xtra ST Ultrasonic Cleaners

Key Features of the Elmasonic xtra ST Ultrasonic Cleaning System

  • Maximum ultrasonic power
  • User selectable 25 or 45 kHz frequencies
  • Pulse mode for intensive bursts of ultrasonic power for cleaning and degassing
  • Sweep mode for safe, even cleaning
  • Dynamic sweep/pulse delivers the advantages of both modes
  • Ergonomic inclined splash-proof operating panel
  • LED panel displays activated functions; set and actual time and temperature
  • Clean at 30˚C to 80˚C; sonication starts at set temperature
  • Automatic safety shut off at 90˚C or after 12 hours of continuous operation
  • 3-year tank warranty (single shift operations)

The xtra ST delivers ultra-powerful cleaning for heavy duty jobs. Compare the ultrasonic power of the xtra ST to any competitor’s machine.

More features for large-scale cleaning

  • Control panel/generator assembly easily removed for quick repair
  • Replaced generators automatically adjust to the unit’s transducers
  • Pre-programmed cleaning routine for common cleaning tasks
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tanks and stainless steel cabinets
  • Sloped tank bottom facilitates draining via side-mounted drain valve
  • Two basket positions for cleaning and draining
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Optional fine mesh basket insert for small parts
  • Optional hinged flip-top sound-deadening cover
  Model Tank
Tank Internal
(W x D x H in.)
Elmasoninc xtra ST300H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST300H 7.9 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8
Elmasoninc xtra ST500H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST500H 13.2 11.8 x 11.8 x 19.7
Elmasoninc xtra ST600H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST600H 15.3 19.7 x 13.0 x 13.8
Elmasoninc xtra ST800H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST800H 21.9 19.7 x 13.0 x 19.7
Elmasoninc xtra ST1400H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST1400H 33.3 23.6 x 23.6 x 13.8
Elmasoninc xtra ST1600H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST1600H 42.8 23.6 x 23.6 x 17.7
Elmasoninc xtra ST2500H Ultrasonic Cleaner ST2500H 67.4 29.5 x 25.6 x 20.5