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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

There are a wide range of industrial capacity ultrasonic cleaners. Choose from the following products best suited to your needs:


X-tra Basic Powerful Dual Frequency
Very powerful cleaning in high capacity portable tanks Wheel-mounted for portability, dual-frequency 25/45 kHz X-tra basic ultrasonic cleaners in 6 tank sizes from 6 to 66 gallons handle tasks ranging from coarse preliminary cleaning to fine cleaning.


TOVA Pro with Solution Filtration
The TOVA Pro industrial ultrasonic cleaner is available in a number of sizes designed for industrial machine shops, solder flux removal, printing, electronics, 3-D mold support and a variety of laboratory applications. From aerospace to auto restoration, save time, labor and chemical disposal costs using the Pro washer.



Electrowave Explosion-Proof and Standard
Tovatech’s Electrowave SU and ES powerful industrial ultrasonic cleaners solve your most demanding contaminant-removing challenges for large parts or multiple parts cleaning. They come as either standard or explosion proof models in nine tank capacities: 7, 10, 11, 17, 19, 25, 40, 60 and 90 gallons. 



Flex 1 with Agitation - High Precision Cleaning
Maximum cleaning effectiveness and process control Tovatech proudly presents the Elmasonic Flex 1 single stage industrial ultrasonic cleaner. The superior features of the Flex 1 allow you to dramatically improve cleaning effectiveness and increase your cleaning cycle speeds by 20% depending on the particular cleaning requirement.



Flex 2 with Agitation - Wash, Rinse, Dry
Unprecedented cleaning power and process control The ultimate industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment combo is embodied in Elmasonic Flex 2 modular ultrasonic cleaner and rinsing unit, each with an oscillation device to satisfy the most demanding cleaning requirements – including those requiring validation.


Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners
Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners Built for Your Cleaning Application We build systems to your specifications Price comparable to standard unit; customization is not costly Ideal for parts too large or numerous for off-the-shelf tank High quality equipment with 2-year warranty and excellent technical support