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Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners


Elmasonic E Plus Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic E Plus: Routine Cleaning and Mixing
The Elmasonic E Plus thoroughly cleans a broad range of parts made of metal, glass, or plastic. Sweep mode assures fast and uniform cleaning. Use Pulse mode to remove stubborn contaminants, degas fresh cleaning solutions or to mix, dissolve and disperse samples. An economical product for shop or lab. In stock for fast delivery.


Elmasonic E: Routine Cleaning
The Elmasonic E is ideal for rapid and thorough Sweep mode cleaning of metal, glass, or plastic parts and instruments.  Our most economical product line.



Elmasonic S: Extra Power, Three Ultrasonic Modes
The Elmasonic S has extra ultrasonic power for faster Sweep mode cleaning.  Select from two additional ultrasonic modes optimized for sample preparation and solvent degassing.  Very wide choice of tank sizes, from ¼ gallon to 24 gallons.


Elmasonic P: Advanced, Dual Frequency, Variable Power
The Elmasonic P has an incredible amount of ultrasonic power for the fastest and most thorough cleaning and sample preparation.  Offers total control of the ultrasonic process: choose frequency, power level, time, temperature, ultrasonic mode.  Select operation at 80 kHz for virtually silent cleaning of fragile instruments and even fine capillary tubes.  The versatile ultrasonic cleaner preferred by R&D laboratories.


Elmasonic TI-H Ultrasonic Cleaners

Transsonic TI-H: Industrial Multi-frequency
The heavy duty Transsonic TI-H units are designed for small scale industrial use.  Two ultrasonic frequencies for gentle and intense cleaning, adjustable power and three ultrasonic modes offer unprecedented process control. Ideal for 8-hour shift operation.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

A broad array of accessories is available for parts cleaning and laboratory operations. Tovatech will guide your selection of the right accessories for your application. 


Ultrasonic Cleaners Soap and Chemicals

We offer a variety of biodegradable formulations, one or more of which should satisfy your cleaning requirements.